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Have you noticed as you age, your digestive system no longer works the way that it used to?  As aging, the digestion system has been decreased and poor digestion can cause issues such as excess gas/flatulence, weight gain, stomach pains, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, and stop us from taking in the nutrients in our food.



LACTICOLAB BIOMEMEE GRAIN ENZYME FOOD SUPPLEMENT enhances digestion and increases nutrient absorption with a digestive enzyme supplement that will help to speed up your metabolism. 


Those who have an irregular diet habit

Those who crave salty, sweet, and spicy food

Those who suffering bloating gas all day long 


What to expect: 

  • Proper Nutrient Absorption
  • Breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, dairy, fats, and fiber
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Gut Health:  Helps balance potentially harmful bacteria in the gut

Active Ingredients:

Three kinds of digestive enzymes (Grain enzymes): Help break down the food in our body to accelerate the metabolic process 

  • Provides the nutrients from grains such as barley, brwon rice, soybean, sugaarcane helps to digests carbohydrates 
  • PRE-BIOTIC + POST-BIOTIC : Facilitates bowel movements through 14 types of lactic acid bacteria 

How to use: 1 - 2 times a day, Stir 1 stick pack into lukewarm water and stir well until dissolve up to 60 seconds. 

3g x 30ea 

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