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DR+LAB Aqua Cooling Modeling Mask [Professional Size]
DR+LAB Aqua Cooling Modeling Mask [Professional Size]

DR+LAB Aqua Cooling Modeling Mask [Professional Size]



Contains peppermint which lowers the temperature of your skin and also continuously maintains the cool feeling on your skin.

Giving tension to the skin, AQUA COOLING MODELING MASK has a great effect on soothing pores and exhausted skin. 


Active Ingredients: 

  • Peppermint Extract: a natural analgesic and antiseptic best known for its ability to help relieve skin irritations
  • Betaine: boosts skin barrier, smooths skin, antioxidant
  • Allantoin: Increases skin's moisture absorption 
  • Diatomaceous earth: as a natural detoxifier, diatomaceous earth can be beneficial to the skin by fighting free radicals


HOW TO USE: Mix the powder with water at a 1:1:5 ratio, apply on the entire face using a spatula, and peel-off after 2- to 30 minutes from the chin and up.

(Recommended for sing use: 25g) 

size: 1000g / 35.27oz



DR+LAB Cos-Medi-Skin

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DR+LAB takes pride in providing gentle and mild formulations that prioritize the skin's health.

Experience the benefits of DR+LAB's specialized skincare line and discover a world of moisturizing, nourishing, hydrating, and glowing skin.

One of the key features of DR+LAB products is our ability to customize skincare based on individual needs.

Whether your concern is moisture retention, nourishment, hydration, or achieving a radiant glow, there is a product designed specifically for you.