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Dermis Repair Peel



Product Type: Treatment

Vendor: Cosmediskin.com

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Dermis Repair Peel

  1. Repairs Acne scars
  2. Removes pigmentation
  3. Controls overproduction of sebums
  4. Minimizes pores




Dermis Repair Peel works as micro-particles from the sea coral are embedded in the skin and it removes dead skin cells and clogged pores from the skin. It stimulates the skin regeneration cycle.

Dermis Repair Peel treatment can be used for all skin types and even sensitive skin too as it contains no chemicals and no acids. According to experts, this treatment provides you with an amazing result that takes effect 5-7 days after the treatment. After one session of treatment, you can automatically find improvement in your skin texture. Dermis Repair Peel can also be customized depending on the skin type and skin condition.


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