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Gold Therapy



Product Type: Treatment

Vendor: Cosmediskin.com

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Note: Please let us know which locations you would like to visit, Los Angeles (Koreatown Plaza mall) | Buena Park (The Source mall), once we check the schedule, we will shortly contact you :)

Historically gold has not been utilized in cosmetic facials / treatments, until now. Despite the outstanding benefits of gold, it has limitations on penetrating into the skin.


The combination of Gold and Serum Corrective Gamma PGA Peptide Plus stimulates the skin metabolism and helps gold effectively penetrate the skin. Desembre Serum Corrective Gamma PGA Peptide Plus enables an ion exchange ability of a diversified electrolyte, which allows nutrients and gold to be deeply penetrated inside the skin. Desembre Gold Foil detoxifies wastes and impurities, and assists in the skin to regenerate in order to increase the skin firmness.


This also allows for stimulating antiaging and whitening effects. Desembre Hydrating Cream Plus helps moisturize and calm the skin, in order to induce the absorption of gold and activation of ions to improve the complexion and skin purification. Desembre Gold Peel Off Mask finally stimulates cell –activation and regeneration resulting in skin to become firm and lifted.

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