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Desembre Luxury Gold Therapy Plus (10 Set)
Desembre Luxury Gold Therapy Plus (10 Set)

Desembre Luxury Gold Therapy Plus (10 Set)



Please note that this is 1 box ea included: 

<Gold Therapy Set 10 >


1.Gold Foils 9.3cm*9.3cm 30pcs

2.Serum Corrective- PGA 5ml*10ea

3. Cream 5ml *10ea

4.Gold Mask 35g *10pcs



  • Detoxifies skin
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Slowed collagen depletion
  • Accelerated cell renewal
  • Reduction of age spots
  • Enhanced elasticity
  • Reduced water retention

LUV GOLD LUXURY GOLD THERAPY helps to repair oxidation damage and improve the appearance of age spots by helping to slow the creation of melanin, accelerating cell renewal, and decreasing skin inflammation. 

Characteristics of the product
▣ With the unique ingredients and system of Desembre, 99.9% pure gold while activating the skin and removing harmful substances from the skin, immediately improves the complexion and elasticity of the skin and helps make the skin bright, radiant, and beautiful.

Effect & Result
▣ The firming effect improves complexion and wrinkles, activates and purifies the skin.

▣ Desembre Serum Corrective γ-PGA, Peptide Plus 5ml x 10ea
▣ Desembre Gold Foil 30pcs
▣ Desembre Hydrating Cream Plus 50g
▣ Desembre Gold Peel Off Mask 35g x 10ea