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The O2toDerm (Otoderm) hyperbaric anion oxygen system is an essential tool for clean, revitalized skin. The top layer of our skin, or epidermis, functions as a barrier to many things that can harm us, but in the process, it also suffers the detrimental impacts of environmental pollutants.

In an industrial age consumed by rampant air pollution, stress, constant technology use, and less than perfectly healthy diets, our skin is especially prone to premature aging, inflammation, and other conditions. That’s where O2toDerm comes in.

This revolutionary system features both an oxygen dome and an oxygen infusion gun to re-energize skin cells and turn back the clock on aging as it permeates much-needed purified oxygen and vitamins into your skin. It is essential for absolutely anyone looking to get brighter, clearer, and healthier skin. This treatment can be done as regularly as desired and may combined with any facial or used solo.


Oxygen treatment technology delivers a new kind of non-invasive, relaxing and painless skin care with excellent results. It can instantly improve circulation, create a level of skin moisture and tone the skin.
In just one 30-45 minute treatment, your skin will look younger, brighter, more radiant and uneven skin pigmentation improves.

The appearance of fine lines and blemishes is visibly reduced, providing an instant firming and lift.
Oxygen inhalation is excellent both for mind and body, increasing the concentration and mnemonic capabilities, reducing the stress, detoxifying, improving sport performances, reducing the down-time period after intensive fatigue.
Water oxygen activating can thoroughly remove the pores in the deep and dirt , so that 99% of the oxygen molecule can play the maximum bactericidal action, such as anaerobic Propionibacterium acnes and other harmful bacteria and play an anti-inflammatory role, to purify the environment of skin tissue metabolism, eliminate acne has good clinical effect.
Treatment due to the ejected in the gas-liquid mixing body fast (up to a maximum of Mach 0.6), with than previous capture better function, skin aging cutin and scar the surface of necrotic tissue dispel, because the medium is on the human body the safety of oxygen and water, so to avoid the previous technology on the skin caused by negative damage, make treatment more safe.
At the same time, water and oxygen molecules is smaller than the diameter of the pores of diameter can be directly through the pores into the skin deep, pure molecular oxygen in blood, will accelerate the blood flow and wake the sleeper cells; skin tissue obtained the sufficient oxygen, moisture, delicate skin of the incubator collagen began to generate a large number of, collagen cells to rearrange, the skin is "spring" began to restore elasticity, "reservoir" re storage, natural, flexible and supple, white skin will in the new filling brilliance.
Water oxygen activating effect: water supplement, supplemental oxygen, wipe the skin dumb yellow, tender skin.

What is O2toDerm Therapy?

Using highly concentrated oxygen and Anion reduce the Reactive oxygen system, regenerates broken cells, boosts Immunity, Improves troubling skin problems, and rejuvenates your tired skins

Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care System


What is O2?

O2 is an essential element that can regenerate broken cells and decomposes lactate acid. Also, it is known for enhancing your ability to remember and focus.

O2toDerm can produce 90% pure O2, making skins respiration better, regenerating broken cells, thus rejuvenating your skin and achieving Anti-aging.


- O2toDerm can give O2, which is essential for cell regrowth - Accelerates collagen production, softening wrinkles.
- Eliminates ROS, which is a primary source of skin aging.
- Moisturize skin and revitalize skin tones by rebalancing 


What is Anion?

In 1957, American biologist A.P Kruger defined Anion as “Vitamin from Air” he also said Anion can rejuvenate Respiratory, cell activity and are great for mental health.


Anion: “Vitamin from Air”


- Reduce Reactive Oxygen System, Achieving Anti-Aging. - Cleanse Vascular System
- Cell revitalization
- Improve Immunity



*** Oxygen partial pressure makes skin respiration more so it makes skin absolve better. And then spray ampoule mist for maximum effect.
***O2toderm revitalizing Ample is consists of Scots tree leaf extracts and other soothing ingredients. So it has remarkable moisturizing and relaxation effects. And it is good for recovering from laser and Microneedle Therapy systems (MTS).

*** By Providing both 90% Pure Oxygen and Anions, it can reduce ROS and rebuild broken cells.
*** O2 whipping cream is weakly acid, and it also contains (+) Ion to help absolve Anion easier



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