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DR+LAB Power Vita White Factor Modeling Mask [Professional Size]
DR+LAB Power Vita White Factor Modeling Mask [Professional Size]

DR+LAB Power Vita White Factor Modeling Mask [Professional Size]


Power Vita+ Vita C Modeling Mask

Vitamin C Modeling Mask for Brightening Skin

Modeling mask with Vitamin C that brightens the dark and dull skin and Lemon Essential Oil provides vitality to the skin by caring dead skin cells.


Active Ingredient: 

  • Vitamin C(1,000 ppm): Promotes collagen production for firmer, youthful skin 
  • Acerola(high concentration of vitamin C): Protects your skin from breakouts and blemishes and promotes collagen production and increases your skin
  • Lemon Essential Oil: helps repair damaged skin and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


How to use:

Mix the powder with water at a 1:1.5 ratio, apply it on the entire face using a spatula, and peel off after 20 to 30 minutes from the chin and up. (Recommended for single use: 25g)


Skin Type: All skin, Lifeless skin, Dull skin

Volume: 1000g



DR+LAB Cos-Medi-Skin

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Experience the benefits of DR+LAB's specialized skincare line and discover a world of moisturizing, nourishing, hydrating, and glowing skin.

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