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Re:bl AC-PEEL TOX AMPOULE 30ml | 1.01 fl oz



Product Type: Ampoule


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Re:bl Luxury Ac-Peel Ampoule

An Ac-Peel Tox ampoule infused with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which is a synthetic peptide made from a protein found in Botox. 

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 helps the skin to be healthy, firm, and looks younger. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 improves skin moisture retention that allows the skin to be hydrated. 

4th Generation Organic Peel Extract to improve skin firmness and hydrate skin, and Panthenol to strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin.



How to use:

1. Remove the cap of the ampoule bottle.

2. Twist off the cap of the applicator, and insert it into the hole of the ampoule bottle.

3. Tilt the ampoule bottle and draw up a moderate amount of ampoule into the applicator.

4. Release the product and apply to the desired areas and leave it for 10- 15 minutes.

5. After use, keep the applicator capped in the ampoule bottle.

Tip: No need to wash it after using Ac-Peel Ampoule. Please apply daily Cream. 

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4세대 천연필이 함유된 앰플입니다.

사용순서는 하단 이미지를 참고해주세요. 

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앰플 적용 후 각질 단백질이 분해 되며

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전환되어 피부에 영양을 공급해주기 때문에

앰플 사용 후 세안을 하지 않습니다!

단, 자극이 심하거나 붉음증이 생기는

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피부에 충분히 도포 후 수분크림으로



MTS 사용 시 주 1회를 권장드리며

MTS 사용하지 않을 경우에는

주 2회, 앰플 도포 후 15분 뒤에 다음단계

관리를 진행해주세요 :)



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