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RED SPOT PATCH 5ea | 75 patches



Vendor: DR+LAB

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Water-resistant Post-mole removal treatment 


RED SPOT PATCH, Hydrocolloid dressing patches that absorb liquid discharge and treat wounds and soothe inflammatory pimples and small wounds. 



- A patch that absorbs exudation as the scar heals to provide fast soothing and healing

- Waterproof patch that with excellent adherence and waterproof function withstanding cleansing, swimming, and even makeup


Key Ingredients:


  • Teatree Oil: Calms and soothes, helps sebum care


  • Salicylic Acid: Containing BHA, Removing sebum, Improving the skin, Preventing excessive growth of the corneum, Making clear and healthy skin


How to use:

After washing your face, completely dry the acne area on the face, take off the backside film of the REDSPOT PATCH, and put it on the acne area, and gently push  it for adhesion 



Size: 5ea / 75 patches 


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