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Vitamin C Iontophoresis treatment



Product Type: Treatment

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Note: Please let us know which locations you would like to visit, Los Angeles (Koreatown Plaza mall) | Buena Park (The Source mall), once we check the schedule, we will shortly contact you :)

Vitamin C Iontophoresis treatment 

Simply applying a vitamin C solution to the face allows only a tiny amount of the vitamin to penetrate into the skin. Oral consumption of vitamin C doesn’t get sufficient amounts of the vitamin to the right place to lighten skin. Iontophoresis uses a controlled electrical charge to propel molecules into the skin. Vitamin C iontophoresis has been shown in clinical studies to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.



A solution containing the vitamin C will be applied to the skin and device will be moved slowly over the surface. A mild sensation may occur, but treatment is not painful. There is no recovery period or downtime, but there may be some minor temporary skin irritation after each treatment.  

If you get a weekly iontophoresis treatment for about three months, it will fade away dark spots and hyper-pigmentation areas compound.



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